I just received a new headmaster in my school. My previous headmaster was great, supportive and the list goes on. Then, suddenly my teaching mood had changed 360 degree when my new bos was.... i don't know how to describe it.

Actually he is a nice person. it just....... Im very unfortunate when he is around.

For example, I always did my lesson plan. Unfortunately, last week I did not complete my lesson plan because im rushing to Langkawi. Suddenly...... he came to my class and observe me.


why???? WHY NOW????

So, yesterday I try to wear my new shoes. At the end of the day, my feet was swelling like hell. So, today, I wanted to use my old shoe which it is half covered. 


he (my new headmaster), 'look' at my shoe. yeah..I know, as a gov servant, I need to wear court shoe. hey! my feet is painful. do u expect me to hurt myself??? :'(


and there's a lot of things that I think I got a lot of problem with him. I am just not suitable to work with him. that's all.

he's a nice guy. the problem is me. I always bad luck with him. 

p/s : 
#habisrepotasiaku! :'(

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