Marriage, Expectation and Pregnancy



Previously, I always remind myself not to put any expectation on the new things that im gonna do.

For example, before I transferred to IPG Penang Campus, before I did my practical in school, I will remind myself not to expect anything. Just go and do what ever it takes and I ALWAYS DO. 

When im married, I forgot about it. The innocent me think that marriage is simple. 
same like other married couples experienced. 
they married happily. having children. grow old together. do everything together. bla...bla.... 
everything was sooooo perfect.

i realised. i did a big mistake. I have expectation in married. 

to get pregnant and have my own children

Alhamdulillah.. Allah S.W.T grant me with a loving, understanding, cool husband, loving in-laws, happily marriage, grow our phospolipid together...bla...bla...but....

i still not pregnant till now..
if only you know how sad it is.

the feeling become even worse when all your friends whom just married or marry later than you, already having their child n showing off their baby bump. 

ouch. its painful.

im really happy for them actually..however, i feel sad because my rezeki is not arrive yet. 

since then, i start to think about what is my mistake?
is it because of i have so many dosa untill im not fit to be a mother yet?


i really hope i could pregnant one day.
to give a lot of children to my husband and grandchildren to my parents. :)
insyaAllah. akan ku cuba lagi dan cuba sampai dapat. 
yang penting usaha 


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